Bare naked ladies and sunburned shoulders…..and don’t forget the inducted nerds. | May 2, 2006

Happy May Day to anyone else who celebrates it besides me.

Woooo.  Now that's out of the way… let's get more intimate (flinches, hate word).

Yesterday was EDBD 13. I had so much fun messing up my hair and getting fried like a potato out in the wonderful florida sun. Damn it to hell…(well, could you even say that because the sun is pretty damn hot?) My favorite band prolly was Rob Zombie tying with Trapt.  Some strraaaaaaaange anime videos there. Look up "I want to be american" by Zombie and you'll understand. Ha. Last Saturday night was prom, and I had a wonderful time. I think I shall go next year, but I'm going to wear a much more shorter dress that is, well, you could say flamboyant. The night before last I went and saw stick it, which was uncommonly good. I think I enjoyed it, and I got to hang with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time.

Tomorrow is Godzilla's birthday, and I got her some kewl stuff <——notice the "slang" I'm using.

Oh yeah, I'm officially an Uber nerd. Drew said that I am now in the "using gaming words" club. Yah, I feel purty special. I even got a hug from him today, which was kinda akward, since I didn't know he wanted to give me a hug and I have the major uber sunburn on my shoulders.

Today was a good day. I'm proud to be not a proud loving caffinated member of the pdizzle club. I think I'm going to make a DS club. haha. A girl doing guy stuff. Ha.



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  1. haha, we need more girls like you in the world, playin videogames

    whoah whoah ::waves hand around with other hand on hips:: don’t nobody gonna steal MY g’bai! dat’s MY g’bai! nuh-uh! no you di’int, no you di’int!

    haha…j/k, of course you can use it!

    Comment by Tirth — May 2, 2006 @ 1:53 am

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