My Journey to the Land of Milk and Honey….well, maybe Target. | April 21, 2006

Today is Friday, which means it’s the weekend. Hurrah. Now I can relax.  I went to Walmart today to get my nails done, and I saw tons of prom drones there. Bleh. They make me sick.  Everyone deserted me today, either going to another state, or to the middle part of the state, or just going home and deserting me. Hmm. Whatever. It’s so hard to type in these stupid nails. UGH. I’m pealing them off monday. YAY.

Prom is tomorrow and EDBD is next Sunday! I can’t wait for both. But in the meantime and seamtime, keep it real. Yo. ROFL.

Bored. Out . Of . My. Mind.


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